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08/18/08 06:08 PM #1    

Amy Brower

what happened to JAson Russell?!?!

08/18/08 06:24 PM #2    

Hillary Severe (Emmer)

Yay for me!!!!! I posted a message on this thing! Aren't you proud of me Brian? :)

08/19/08 12:34 AM #3    

Brian Wood

Jason Russell passed away in 2005 in a car accident in Idaho Falls during the summer. That's all the details I have. Sad deal.

08/19/08 04:51 PM #4    

Brian Hill

Jason ran a stop sign in his Suzuki Samari and was side swiped if I remember correctly. He was buried in Honeyville, UT.

08/26/08 10:00 PM #5    

Richard Taylor

Wow, sad story!!! Is there anyone else that passed away that we don't know about?

08/27/08 03:27 PM #6    

Shasta Cox

Oh my Brian you are a genius!!! This is the greatest thing since... well myspace I guess!!! Thanks for the effort I am very excited about all this!!! I haven't seen at least half these people in 10 years??? YOW!!! Anyways just thought I would let you know how great this is, for me at least!!!

09/04/08 11:07 AM #7    

Krystal Crusat (LaHann)

Thanks for all your hard work Brian! It is really fun being able to see what everybody is doing. I loved looking at everybody's pics. Wow, skyline grads sure produced a bunch of cute kids!!!
Thanks for sharing your stories everybody:)

09/14/08 06:59 PM #8    

Heidi Densley (Murray)

Just found out about this website! Thanks for telling me Devri! Brian--- I have seen you how many times and I haven't heard about this yet?? :) Thanks for all of your work. This is going to be a lot of fun!!!

09/15/08 08:24 AM #9    

Heidi Densley (Murray)

Okay--- 2 messages in 2 days--- I just wanted to keep in touch with anyone who wants to through my blog as well. I update it at least twice a week. If you have a blog page and want to keep in touch that way, I would love to add you to my blog list! Post me a comment at with your blog address so I can see your page too... Hope to hear from anyone soon!!! :)

09/19/08 08:36 AM #10    

Garrett Ingle

hey guys. Good job with the website Brian. Its good to see what all you guys are up to.

10/05/08 12:51 PM #11    

Scott Hobbs

It's fun to see what you are all doing and i'm always looking for a way to show off how cute my girls are :) It will be fun to get together next year!

11/08/08 10:33 PM #12    

Amber Rohrbaugh (Peterson)

Congrats on the baby boy Brian, he is adorable!!

11/08/08 11:31 PM #13    

Brian Wood

Why thank you! I like him a little. It would be interesting to know how many kids we've conjured up from the graduates of the class of '99. I'd venture to guess nearly 100. Who knows...funny stuff.

11/26/08 02:06 PM #14    

Melissa Wheeler

Nice job on the website Brian!!
It is nice catching up on everyone. I've been lost in my own little world, hiding out in Driggs. Surrounded by east coast transplants calling themselves locals. Remember when Targhee had so much snow the walls along the road were twice as tall as the car? They don't.

11/27/08 01:43 AM #15    

Brian Wood


12/28/08 10:42 AM #16    

Jeffrey Miles

Just a quick update. The class of '99 alumni basketball team finished second in the Skyline Alumni Basketball tournament. We started the tourney off with a one point victory over the highly touted '98 team (Devan Wood, Zack Batte, etc.). We finished 3-0 in round robin play beating the '81-'86 grads and '93-'94 teams. We then beat the '01-'02 team in the semifinals before losing to the '04-'05 team in the championship. Thanks to Bryce Taylor for getting the team together. Players were, Bryce, Jeff Miles, Jordan Sermon, Landon Young, Curtis Andrus, and Blake Jones (class of 2000).

01/21/09 05:54 PM #17    

John (Randy) Reeves

Aww man, I had no idea about the alumni games. Let me know with a little advance notice if you guys put a squad together. Ill be sure to make this trip from Hawaii to play next time.

02/24/09 11:27 PM #18    

Brian Wood

I just wanted to express a great big THANK YOU to the previously known as EMILY ROBERTS and MISTY HANSEN for stepping up and getting me some pictures for our video slideshow for the reunion. I still need lots of contributions from as many of you as possible. I'm looking for pictures from 7th-12th grades and would be very appreciative for 1, 10, or 100 pictures from each and every one of you. THANKS!

05/12/09 11:18 AM #19    

Amanda Piper (McClure)

Alright Brian, you talked me into it. I have seen you many many times and I finally joined the website. It is really great BTW. I am impressed and excited to see what everyone is up to. Great job and thanks for your hard work. If you need help with anything, you know where to find me.

05/12/09 06:23 PM #20    

Timothy Knighten

Nice job on the site! Nice to have a place to go where people know me.

06/18/09 08:16 PM #21    

Khalea Hicks (Allen)

*peeks* It is indeed a simple and very functional site. you did a wonderful job Brian. Its nice to get a hold of some old friends I haven't seen in a while. You done a good job! ^_^

06/28/09 12:20 PM #22    

Brian Wood

The reunion was a BLAST! Huge turn-out. Tons of fun. So happy you all came! Thanks for all of your contributions!

07/01/09 11:19 AM #23    

Krystal Crusat (LaHann)

I am glad the reunion was such a success! Wish I could have been there. Hopefully in ten years I will see you all again:)

07/28/09 08:44 PM #24    

Erik Illum

Man, I wish I'd have known about the reunion BEFORE a month after it happened. ;)We were here in town and would've been there. My wife just accidentally found this site this week and said, "Hey, want to see your 10 Year Reunion Pics...?"

04/10/11 02:41 PM #25    

Jeralynn Crabbe (Masker)

Did we go to school with someone named Elijah Anderson?

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